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Commercial Drain Cleaning, Kannapolis, NC

If your business is located in the Kannapolis, NC area, we have everything you need for commercial drain cleaning.

Commercial Drain CleaningCommercial Drain Cleaning in Kannapolis – Commercial drain cleaning is even more important than its residential cousin. Because of increased use, not to mention wear and tear and the varying needs of businesses, commercial drains are often subjected to stresses many times that of their residential counterparts. Combined with this heavier and more intense use comes a greater possibility for lost productivity and profit if a commercial drain experiences a clog, failure, or other issue. Making sure that your commercial drains are clean and clear is an absolutely necessary part of any commercial enterprise’s plan for success.

Regular commercial drain cleaning will absolutely depend on the nature of the business in question. Businesses that generate more waste water or those that have greater rates of use of the sewer system due to the business itself or due a to large flow of customers can expect to spend more not only in water and sewer fees, but also in repair and maintenance across the entire facility. Knowing the layout of the plumbing in the building, as well as what can and cannot be put down a drain, is essential not only for owners and management, but also for those responsible for day-to-day operations.

Grease and food scraps such as beans, coffee grounds, eggshells, pasta, potatoes, and rice should be thrown out rather than sent down a drain, as these foods tend to accumulate or aggregate inside drains more easily, and some increase in volume by absorbing water. Staff and customers should also be advised that sanitary products are not to be put into any drain. Lastly, floor drains should always be covered by grates designed to prevent larger objects from entering the drain system. Following these steps will reduce the number and severity of acute commercial drain cleaning issues, as well as give the entire system a longer and better life.

If your business is located in the Kannapolis, NC area, our team at South End Plumbing has everything you need for commercial drain cleaning. Contact us today to get started!

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