Can You Still Flush a Toilet With The Water Shut Off?

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Flushing a toilet with the water shut off
Flushing a toilet with the water shut off

Can You Still Still Flush A Toilet
With The Water Turned Off?

We’re all extremely familiar with the comforts of the modern technology of plumbing. Have you ever turned on a light switch despite the fact that you knew the power was out? How about describing to a child why their online videos aren’t playing when out of the range of the wifi? Basically, we’re all extremely utilized to having things work when we need them to.

However what if you find yourself in a position where the water to your home is turned off and you need to flush the toilet? The good news is that it can still work thanks to the ageless design of the gravity-flush toilet.

How A Gravity-Flush Toilet Works
Pretty much every household toilet in the United States is a gravity-flush toilet. That means it only utilizes the force of gravity-no mechanical or electrical help-to flush water and waste down the drain. When you press the level, the water clears from the tank, flows into the bowl in a circular pattern, and pushes contents through the toilet trap and down the sewage system drain. It’s quite an engineering marvel if you think about it.

Filling a toilet with a bucket
Filling a toilet with a bucket

Flushing With The Water Shut Off
Since the gravity-flush toilet does not operate on any kind of outdoor assistance, you can still use it if there is a water main break or the supply is cut off for a plumbing job. All you need is water in the tank to start a flush. Here are 2 ways to do it:

The tank needs to be full from filling up after the last flush prior to the water being turned off. So that means you get one easy flush. After that, you can manually fill the toilet tank with water. You want the water to be clean (no particles) but it doesn’t need to be drinkable water given that it’s going down the toilet anyhow. You can fill a bucket somewhere else in your house, from an outside source like a stream or rain barrel, or ask a neighbor if you could fill a container from their faucet. Dump the water into the tank up to the typical refill level, and you should be good to flush like normal again if needed.

When to Call An Expert Plumber
It’s assuring to understand that you can still use the toilet even if the supply of water is cut off. Naturally, filling pails is not a long-lasting method so if you face any plumbing concerns, be sure to bring in the professionals at South End Plumbing.

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