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Your HVAC Vents Smell Like Skunk, but is it Something Else?

What the! Is that a skunk outside? In the garage? Maybe in the crawlspace? In the house?

It’s coming out of the air vent. It reeks like skunk. What are you supposed to do when your AC is making your whole house smell like skunk spray?

What to Do if My Heat Pump isn’t Defrosting Itself

Is your heat pump not defrosting? Did you even know it should automatically defrost itself? Maybe your home heating just seems inefficient and you don’t know why. If it’s in the midst of a few cold winter days and nights in a row, the defrost mode could be worth checking out

There’s a Burnt Smell Coming from my Heat or AC

Should your home’s heating or air smell like something’s burning? It’s a weird, maybe even troubling, thing to smell inside your house. Sometimes, though, it’s no problem at all. Sometimes, it’s a signal of a problem. How do you know which is which?

How Professional HVAC Maintenance Helps a Home’s Air Quality

You’ve done a lot of work in and around the your house, and you’re always careful to have your house be a safe, healthy home for your family. Unfortunately, one big category of having a healthy home can go, quite literally, unseen and unknown.

How Can Poor Air Quality in Your Home Harm You?

We spend a lot of time, perhaps too much time, indoors. We often spend 90-100% of a day indoors. So it’s not a surprise indoor air pollutants or poor air quality has more of an impact on our health than the outdoor environment.

Allergens that Can Get into Your Home in the Spring

The spring weather in the Carolinas can be perfect. If you have allergies this time of year, though, it means fighting those symptoms, and it can be outside or inside. Warm weather and pollen everywhere go hand in hand. There can also be higher humidity, mold and other plant-related allergies.

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