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You’ve Bought a New Home but the HVAC System isn’t New

Moving into a new house is exciting. There’s so much to think about and it’s so busy before and after getting into a new home. One part of the property you might not think about is the HVAC system. It’s easy to assume it’s fine, until it isn’t

Ways to Use Your HVAC System More Energy Efficiently

Utility expenses can become a major drain on your budget. This doesn’t need to be the case. There are practical steps to take to make your heating and cooling more energy efficient for your home and energy bills. The typical property owner spends over $2,000 on their energy bill every year

How to Use Your Ceiling Fan Better

Ceiling fans are great to keep rooms feeling cool in the summer, really most of the year here in the Carolinas. They can be used in the winter, too. It just takes a little know-how about using fans properly. It’s easy to do with your fans in your home.

What if My Furnace Clicks?

It’s common, sometimes fine, sometimes not fine, for a furnace to make noises. There’s a hum you can hear the whole time it’s running. Pay attention though to odd or different noises like, what if the furnace clicks?

Does a Plumber or an HVAC Repair Gas Lines?

Fixing a gas leakage or working on any job involving natural gas are tasks for a qualified, certified professional. But how do you know who the best pros for the job are? Who is really the best and safest? Here are some suggestions.

What Could it Mean if Your HVAC Smells Musty?

A musty smell coming from your HVAC system is unpleasant. You probably don’t know what it is. All you really want is for it to go away or be fixed. A musty, moldy, mildew or damp smell from your air vents can be common, especially in a hot Carolina summer.

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