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Should You Leave a Humidifier Running All Day During the Winter?

During the winter, running the heat more often in your house can dry out the air. Along with being uncomfortable, colder, drier air can contribute to diseases and illness. It’s worth considering running a humidifier throughout the winter.

Advantage Heating System in an Attic vs. a Crawl Space?

Having a heating system in an attic is becoming more frequent a decision for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. While usual spots to install a home furnace has been the crawl space, basement or garage, there are several reasons putting it in the attic room may be better.

Why are Oil Furnaces Less Popular than they Used to Be?

Oil and natural gas are two common energy fuel choices for home heating systems. While both of them have positives and negatives, natural gas has acquired a great deal of appeal over recent years due to the fact that it is more efficient and cost-effective compared to heating with oil furnaces.

Does it Save Money to Close Vents in Rooms You Don’t Use?

Many homeowners have been told closing air vents in rooms you don’t use often saves money and is more energy-efficient. The truth is that closing air vents does more harm than good.

Does Running a Humidifier Make Your House Feel Warmer?

Dry air in your house can be terrible, and make you and your family feel bad, if it’s there for extended periods. This is why humidifiers can be good to use in dry areas or during the colder months.

Does my Heat Pump Have a Defrost Cycle?

What a Heat Pump’s Defrost Cycle Does

In the winter, and on an especially cold winter day or night, your home’s heat pump may – and it should – go into a defrost cycle. This is good. It’s what should happen.

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