Drain Cleaning Rids Your Pipes of Pests and Odors

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Drain Cleaning Tips for your Charlotte NC Home

It may not occur to you that the plumbing drains in your home require maintenance, but they do. Of course we know they may crack and need to be replaced (as happens due to freezing in colder climates), but there are also aesthetic considerations. While it’s not generally understood that drain cleaning makes your house more livable and attractive, it does.

Drain flies may be in your home. You might think they’re fruit flies, arriving with the groceries or buzzing in from outside, but drain flies live in pipes that have not have not been attended to. You’ll know it’s a drain fly if you see one hop; other flies can’t do that. Drain cleaning takes care of this problem so they won’t hatch in your pipes, fly out and look for other places in your home where they can lay more eggs.

Smell can be another issue. Without regular drain cleaning, your pipes may be building up the kinds of bacteria that produce sulphur, which in turn creates that distinctive sewer smell. There are some ways to combat this problem yourself, but it can take a while, and depending on where in your pipes the smell is originating, your chances of 100% success vary, whereas a drain cleaning done by a professional plumber is a sure solution.

If you want to be sure that neither of these occurrences disrupts your household, or maybe there’s an issue right now, you can contact us at South End Plumbing. We’re family owned and operated, fully licensed and open 24/7. You’ll get an answer from a person, not a machine, when you call.

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