Get Out of Bed Easier

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Get Out of Bed Easier

HVAC Tips for Better Sleep

If you want or need more energy, better health, and feeling more productive, a good night’s sleep is among the best actions you can take. We spend about a third of our lives sleeping, and there’s a great reason. Sleep provides us with the opportunity to relax from the stress of the day, have our bodies and muscular tissues regroup, and also to recharge. Unfortunately, the lack of comfort can influence just how well we sleep. Poor or inconsistent sleep has a lot of health consequences in the short and long term.

The even more comfy your bedroom is, the better the rest you can get. When it comes to comfort, your cooling and heating system plays a huge role. Therefore, it is necessary to understand your alternatives so you can get the very best sleep.


If your bedroom is not a comfortable temperature, you might end up thrashing all night. If you are shuddering or kicking the coverings off, trying to handle the temperature level can leave you sleepless. Then the following day you can’t focus and barely feel like moving. If this issue seems to happening a lot, look into some ideas about the bedroom, the environment you have in it, and your sleep.

Programmable Thermostat

Heat rises. This means if your bedroom is on the second floor, it is likely warmer than the rest of your home. Some individuals get around this issue by turning their thermostats down prior to bed. If you use this technique and wish to make doing so more efficient and easier, consider having South End set up a programmable thermostat.

With a programmable thermostat, all you need to do is set a programmed setting and your system will run on the program. You can change the program or tweak the thermostat whenever you need to. Also, the ability to program it to instantly make your residence cooler before you go to sleep and have it warm up once more right before you get up. You can get up comfy and relaxed without needing to adjust your thermostat.

Home Zoning Systems

If you intend to make managing the temperature level of your house a lot more hassle-free and conserve cash at the same time, you could think about a new, easy-to-use home zoning system. If you have a big home, you are most likely paying to cool down rooms that you may not even utilize that often. With a house zoning system, you can send the cool or warm air directly where you want it to go.

A home zoning system uses dampers in your duct to split your house into sections. You can section off your residence practically any way you want. You can section it off by floors, by areas, or by rooms. This means if you wish to cool down your second-floor bedroom without making the first floor colder and wasting power, you can control it with zoning.


Moisture can also affect how comfortable you feel. This is especially true if you’re in bed, hopefully, for hours at a time overnight. For instance, if the air is too damp, your skin will likely feel sticky and gross. On the other hand, when the moisture levels in your home too low, your skin will feel dry as well as scratchy. Absence of moisture can also leave your family members a lot more prone to colds and the flu. The optimal humidity level for your home is 40-45%. If your home’s humidity level is too high or too low, talk to South End concerning installing a humidifier or a dehumidifier.

Air Flow

Ultimately, the easier you can breathe, the better sleep you will get. Having great air circulation can help you sleep much better. To enhance the airflow, opening your home windows, if the outside weather cooperates, is one idea. If it is too hot or cool, use fans to move the air around. Fans can also create white noise which lots of people discover can help them sleep quicker and calmer.

Air Filters

Heating and cooling professionals will continuously remind you of the relevance of air filters and change them regularly. These filters remove unwanted bits from the air, leaving you with a fresher as well as cleaner residence. Removal of allergens, dust, microorganisms, as well as various other contaminants can reduce:

  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Itching
  • Sore throats

This means less tossing and turning in your sleep as well as fewer symptoms keeping you up in the evening. Make certain to clean or change your air filters at least every three months for ideal outcomes. If you or a relative are specifically susceptible to allergens, we suggest changing filters monthly.

Ceiling Fans

Your ceiling fan helps keep the feeling in a bedroom nice because of the airflow. It doesn’t actually change the temperature, but the fan makes it feel cooler.

There are more ways it can enhance your sleep! First, it keeps the air flowing. This gets rid of stagnant, warm, and in some cases foul-smelling air as well as creates a better atmosphere for resting.

Ceiling fans are likewise a wonderful source of white noise. White noise can be called an ambient sound, like the soft noise of a fan. It aids our brains in shutting out various other disruptive noises. This white noise may aid you drop off as well as stay asleep much easier.

Keep in mind: ceiling fans aren’t just for the summer. Switch over the direction of your ceiling fan for the winter months to move warm air down and keep the circulation going year-round.


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