How to Make my Home Smell Better in the Summer

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How to Make my Home Smell Better in the Summer

Summer scents may be fresh cut grass, salty beach breezes and sunscreen. These smells can be difficult to recreate or even, according to some, fine only in moderation. You can pick fresh scents for your home during summer heat waves. Think of citrus and fresh plants or herbs. There are plenty of creative ways to make a home smell better in the summer. In the summer, heat and humidity can change how your house smells. It may be just how some scents or material can change in the heat. Selecting nice aromas you like throughout hot weather can help create a more pleasant environment in your home, give a home a summer vibe and fight feelings of fatigue when the heat can wear you down.

Summer Scents

Summer should mean relaxation and enjoyment in our homes. We want to go in from the heat and humidity for a while, but it’s still bright and fun for it to be summer. It’s ok to create a bit of a staycation in your home and have fun indoors and out.

There is motion and aromas in nature as summer reaches its height. Summer can be known for thunderstorms, with those characteristic scents. You can have floral and herbal aromas around. Think of jasmine, gardenia, frangipani, magnolia and stephanotis in the air with their bright scents.

When we smell familiar things in our environment we incorporate what we are seeing, hearing and feeling on physical and emotional levels. How we interpret these stimuli in their context contributes to what we experience as our scent memories or experiences of the summer.

Natural Ways to Make Your Home Smell Better

Eucalyptus and Herb Bundles

Transform your bathroom into your individual spa by hanging an arrangement of rosemary, lavender and eucalyptus from the shower head. Search for herbs and aromatic blossoms at the food store, farmer’s market, or a local florist. To make the bundle, gather the stems together with twine, after that hang the bundle upside down in a spot where it will not be splashed with water. The steam from the shower will carry the fragrance through the whole area.

Natural Incense

The smell of burning wood is similar to nights spent outdoors around a bonfire. To get the same fragrance in your home, no matter where you live, or if you really like camping, make natural wood incense. Siskiyou cedar incense is made from wood, leaves and tree sap. When lit, it fills the whole house with a warm, woodsy scent. For a wood-burning smell with a fresh citrus kick, look for palo santo sticks. A type of tree in South America, palo santo has been used for centuries. Burning this wood is thought to cleanse a room or home. For a great smoky scent, light one end of the stick and let it burn for about a minute before to blowing it out. For a more subtle, and a little minty fragrance, just put a bunch of palo santo in a dish and leave it out.

Simmer Pots

For a summer take on wintry spice-scented simmer pots, replace the cloves and cinnamon with refreshing cucumber and mint leaves. Let the mix delicately steam in a pot of water to send the crisp, clean-smelling aroma through your whole home. Have fun with various mixes of aromatics, like lemon and eucalyptus or rosemary and lime. There are thousands and thousands of ideas on the Google machine.

Citronella Orange Candles

Outdoor events during summer should have their own aromas. Citronella candles keep insects away and you can upgrade the smell. Did you know you can make your own with oranges? They will do the same job as well as offer some great table design? These are great to have out all the time, whenever you’re outside, or for a party.

DIY Projects For Fun and Nice Scents

DIY Gel Fresheners

There are days when it’s so hot outside, the last thing you’d think about is lighting a candle indoors. That’s where these gel fresheners are great. They include scented, natural oils and a few ingredients you most likely have in your pantry now. Just mix with each other and allow their aromas to fill your home. Plus, when you add food coloring, they create pretty decorations.

Bathroom Bombs

It would be perfect to slip into a calming bath with scents like coconut or tea after a long, hot day. These homemade bath bombs are basic to make as well as have a variety and mix of scents. You can use whatever scent or scents you like. It’s fun to experiment and try new ideas. A peppermint lemon bath?

Baking Soda Disks

Everybody knows baking soda is a natural air deodorizer. So when you include natural herbs and oils to these disks, they will certainly change the undesirable smells with delicious smells. Place them in your storage rooms, drawers, kitchen or mud room to give your home the aroma of your choice.

Results of High Temps and Humidity

Temperature can have a strong impact on aromatic senses. In the hotter months, with warmth and humidity, a greater number of scent molecules are mobile and airborne. Therefore, there’s can be more intense scents and odors. We sense a wider range of scents when it’s warmer.

As temperature and moisture increase, the rise in molecular movement of substances means material in your home give off stronger scents. Think of trash smelling worse on a super-hot day. The same is true for bad odors or pleasant scents, so which would you rather have all day in your home?


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