Pet Owners Plumbing Tips

South End Plumbing, Heating, & Air Expert Tips

Pet Owner Plumbing Tips
Pet Owner Plumbing Tips

Pet Owner Plumbing Tips

All of us love our felines and pet dogs, however plumbing service calls brought on by your furry good friends are not something anybody is happy about.

As a pet owner, you’ve most likely already pet-proofed your home as much as possible -however you may not have thought of how some of these small things can put a stress on your plumbing. To prevent pet-related plumbing issues and make certain your home is safe for your animals, follow these suggestions from the professionals at American Pipes Providers.

Keep the lid down
Drinking toilet water isn’t simply unhygienic – chemical residue from cleaners and drain cleaners can make pets and cats quite sick. Get in the practice of closing the toilet lid, and this won’t be a concern.

Store cleaning supplies in a safe place
Plumbers advise against using chemical drain cleaners, as they’re damaging to pipelines. Ingesting them can be damaging to your animals. If you have chemical drain cleaners in the home, keep them completely out of reach. The exact same chooses chemical cleaning supplies, as they’re likewise poisonous to pets.

Keeping Pipes Covered
Pets enjoy to chew on things. And if Coco bites through a pipeline, you’re not only in for a trip to the veterinarian, you’re likewise dealing with a possibly costly plumbing problem along with water damage in your home. Take the time to cover any bare pipelines, and you can secure your house, your pipes and your family pet.

Dogs Digging Pipes in Back Yard
Dogs Digging Pipes in Back Yard

Careful with Backyard Digging
Water and sewage system lines aren’t always buried deep underground– often, the lines are under two feet from the surface. If your pet likes to dig in the backyard, keep watch to ensure the holes don’t reach the pipes lines. Otherwise, you might end up with serious damage. They likely won’t claw through a pipe, but an exposed pipe has less resistance to freezing in the winter months.

Rinse off outside
Does your pet dog like to wallow the mud? When pets get muddy, cleaning off the muck in the tub might quickly trigger a plumbing clog. To prevent clogs from muddy and matted fur clumps, give Coco a rinse outside first, then head to the tub to finish up the job.

Use a tub strainer
Mentioning the tub, ensure you use a drain stopper when you provide your animal a bath. Animals tend to shed at bath time, and if the fur goes down the drain you might end up with a plumbing blockage. Use a stopper, and you’ll prevent pet-related drain obstructions.

Do Not Flush Cat Litter
Plumbers caution against flushing cat litter – even brand names that are identified as “flushable.” Cat feces and litter can build up and clog the drain, and if you’re flushing to a septic system, you might need to have the septic tank pumped.

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