So Many HVAC Filter Choices, So Little Time

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So Many HVAC Filter Choices, So Little Time

So Many HVAC Filter Choices, So Little Time

Your a/c unit gives you cool, clean, and fresh indoor air throughout the hot summertime days. Thanks to air filters-air filters play an essential role in keeping the air in your home clean and healthy. Here are the various kinds of air filters to select from.

Fiberglass Air Filters

Disposable, these are the most budget-friendly yet with the lowest filtering ability of all the types are fiberglass air filters They work much better in safeguarding your air conditioning system than screening dust and pollutants in the air. If you are utilizing this type of air filter, you might still be prone to respiratory issues.

Pleated filters

Made of polyester fabrics or cotton folds, pleated air filters are effective in filtering dust and other contaminants. Choose those with more pleats since they provide better filtering performance. The design of the pleats allows there to be more surface area which decreased strain on the system.

Washable Air Filters

Washable air filters cost a little more than disposable types, however, they will save you big time in the long run. They can be swapped out and cleaned, so you do not need to constantly change them. Read the manufacturer’s specs on how to maintain filters of this type. Make certain to set up your cleaning area and schedule ahead of time. Let it dry completely since using it damp will trigger mold growth and bacteria accumulation.

Electrostatic Air Filters

Electrostatic air filters utilize electrostatic charge to attract the dust and airborne particles, this stops them from being distributed in your house. Some filters of this type are washable while there are likewise those that aren’t.

HEPA Filters

High-performance particle air filters are best for individuals with allergic reactions and prone to breathing difficulties. They are effective in filtering pollutants approximately 99.97%– a reason that the United States Department of Energy recommends this type.

UV Filters

This kind of filter uses ultraviolet light to eliminate bacteria and infections in your home. Less effective in evaluating dust and other contaminants, they are excellent at combatting microorganisms which are likewise dangerous to your health.

The variation of air filters offers options for house and company owners in regard to performance, health advantages, costs, and upkeep. Call an HVAC expert at South End Heating & Air for tips regarding which kind of air filter fits your home and comfort needs.

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