The Best Eco-Friendly Drain Cleaners

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When Want An Eco Friendly Drain Clog Solution

It happens to everyone at some point. You’re taking a shower or doing the dishes and you notice that your water isn’t draining quite as quickly as it once was. No one likes to be stuck in a pool of water while they shower or do the dishes, so many of us resort to caustic chemicals and drain cleaners. What if there was a better way to clean your drain without harming the environment? We have come up with a few eco-friendly drain cleaner methods for you to consider.

First, consider the humble manual method. Things like plungers and drain snakes are great at getting rid of clogs instead of just partially dissolving them. There are plungers that are specifically made for this purpose, so if using the same one on your toilet scares you, don’t worry — you don’t have to!

Second, try using some of the things you have in your home already. Dish soap and hot water are great at dissolving clogs caused by grease. Things like vinegar and baking soda are effective and eco-friendly. You can also try hydrogen peroxide with a little baking soda. These methods are not only less expensive, but they can keep your home on the eco-friendly path.

Finally, use preventative methods to keep your drains cleaner and prevent clogs in the first place. There are products you can buy that will trap the hair from your shower that often causes clogs as well as sink strainers that keep food particles out. Also, never pour oil or grease down the drain! If you want drain cleaner tips or need professional help with a clog, we can help you at South End Plumbing!

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