What Can Cause Your Furnace to Keep Running?

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What Can Cause Your Furnace to Keep Running?

A heating system that is running right cycles on and off to maintain the temperature in your house. If your furnace is running nonstop, it’s an indicator you might have an issue. If your heating system is always on and never cycles off, it’s likely time to get expert, professional upkeep. A heating system that is regularly running is not cycling correctly. It’s also called “short cycling.” There are some major troubles that create your furnace to a brief cycle. Learn what could cause your furnace to keep running.

Check your Thermostat

If your furnace runs nonstop, you don’t know why, and you’re stressed, do not panic. The first thing to try is to inspect the thermostat.

Look at whether your fan setting is On or Auto. If It’s On, attempt putting it on Auto– this will certainly change the fan to off when the temperature level gets to the temperature setting.

If your thermostat is set to a very high temperature, your heater may not have the ability to keep up. A temperature level set for 80 degrees or above can test and strain almost any type of heating system. This is more true for a large house or building, or in cold weather.

You should take a look at whether your home’s temperature is above or below what’s set on your thermostat. If it’s below, it implies your heater is working hard and could also have a dirty air filter. If it’s above, it indicates something could be a more serious problem or bigger inefficiency, and it’s probably time to call an expert.

Check your Air Filter

Obstructed or dirty air filters are a significant root cause of furnace breakdowns. Filters help regulate the heater’s air supply. An old or clogged filter can exhaust your heater if it’s blocked.

When your furnace activates, its return ducts first start drawing in air from your house and heat it. Return air ducts pass air via the filter, which should filter out dust, mold, as well as various other bits.

A blocked filter limits your furnace from obtaining the air supply it needs. It attempts to make up for this problem by working overtime – yet as the filter gets dirtier, this continues to become less efficient.

A dirty heating system filter is the leading factor we have actually discovered that forces heaters to run and keep running. The air filter filters out dirt, family pet hair, and debris that might harm the heater and stops it from reaching the rest of the system. If the filter is filthy, it restricts air movement, which makes it get too hot. The heating system enters into “cool” mode and runs the fan continuously. Your heater could also begin blowing cool air if this is the issue.

Filter Change Frequency

Different kinds of furnaces have their filters in various locations. You need to change the air filters in your house every three months or less.

You should do this prior to cool weather coming in each fall. Yet, it’s never too late to check and change your filters if you’ve neglected to do it. You should replace your filters every three months. If you have family pets, you ought to check it more often, about once a month. A clean air filter is a pure white, so if it’s any kind of color of brown or grey, it’s time to change it.

Change your filter then wait an hour to see how your furnace responds. If the problem persists, it’s time to call a technician.

The Unit is Set to “On”

If your filter is great, examine the fan setting on your thermostat. If the follower is set to “on”, the blower will run continuously, no matter what the thermostat is set to or the room temperature is. Switching this setting to “auto” will set it so the blower only runs when the heating system is in fact on.


The Temperature is Set too High

If the heater filter is in good shape and the thermostat unit is already set to “auto” try turning the temperature on the unit down. Give it a few minutes to see if the furnace cycles off. Occasionally, the heater is running frequently to keep up with the temperature, specifically if it’s actually cold outside.

The Furnace Overheats because it wasn’t Derated

When a furnace is first installed, it’s required to be derated. Yet what the heck does “derated” mean? Derating is when the AC installer matches the gas pressure to the altitude. If it’s set wrong or not at all, your heater will overheat.

It goes something similar to this: the heating system runs and runs until it overheats. The furnace turns off, yet the fan continues blowing to cool it down. This causes the heating system to switch itself on and off constantly, with the fan not stopping. If you believe this could be the problem, you’ll need to call an HVAC professional who will be able to derate your furnace. Don’t try to do this on your own, it should be done only by a professional.

Still don’t have an Answer?

If the problem continues after you have actually tried these tips, it could actually be bad news. If your filter’s clean and the thermostat is set right, the problem is a lot more severe and it’s time to call an HVAC expert.

The bottom line is that a lack of maintenance is usually to blame for a furnace that runs constantly. By checking your filter and getting an annual heating system inspection, you can prevent most emergency heating system repair services.

A furnace running nonstop can be irritating as well as worrisome. Hopefully, you could be able to resolve the trouble on your own. If not, South End HVAC has the expert professionals to solve the toughest heating and cooling troubles. When a customer’s furnace will not shut down we take the right steps to fix the problem.

At South End Heating & Air we specialize in furnace repair, call us for a free consult. We’ll evaluate your system and help make recommendations for optimum value. After all, we want to keep you cool all summer long and warm in the winter. Just schedule a visit with one of our technicians to talk about how we can help with your heating needs. Would you like to learn more options our techs can help you with? give us a call 704-684-5339

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