What is Backflow Prevention and Do I Need It?

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When You Need Backflow Prevention

Most of the time, unless you are a plumber, the only time you think about your drains is when they aren’t working as they should! However, there are certain things about any home or commercial property that you should consider when it comes to your plumbing, one of those being a backflow prevention device. Are you unsure what backflow prevention is? Don’t worry; we will explain.

In a normal situation, wastewater and drinking water enter and exit the home in separate pipes. Clean water is only supposed to go in, and wastewater only should go out. However, with sudden changes in pressure, your clean water going in might be sucked into flowing backward (or “backflow”) and end up with contamination issues from other city water systems. With this prevention, you don’t have to worry about your potable water being contaminated due to sudden changes in pressure or other plumbing issues.

Do you know if you need backflow prevention devices in your home? If you have water drawn from a well or other source like irrigation, you should absolutely have a backflow prevention system in place. Additionally, sometimes newer homes have backflow prevention already built into the plumbing. In other situations, you might need to consult with professionals like ours here at South End Plumbing in order to determine if you need this prevention installed.

If you would like to learn more about our backflow prevention and other backflow services that we use here at South End Plumbing, please get in contact with us. We can help ensure the water coming in is clean and pure.

Backflow: is the undesirable reversal of the flow of a liquid, into the potable water supply.

Backflow Preventer is designed to keep this from happening.

Backflow siphonage happens when higher-pressure fluids move to a lower-pressure area.

Back-pressure happens when air is blown through the straw and bubbles begin to some out at the submerged end.

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