Why a Tankless Water Heater Gives You Endless Hot Water

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Why a Tankless Water Heater Gives You Endless Hot Water
A tankless water heater effectively gives you endless hot water in your home.

Why a Tankless Water Heater Makes Endless Hot Water

When you need a hot shower, you expect to have hot water without a problem. There’s not much worse than a hot shower that turns cold before you’re done. To get over the problem of not having enough hot water in their home, quite a few homeowners are upgrading their water heating systems from a typical tanked system to an on-demand tankless water heater. A tankless water heater effectively gives you endless hot water in your home. It’s one major advantage and there are more when it comes to making the switch for your home.

How a Tankless Water Heater Works

  • You Turn on Hot Water

The system detects when you, or an appliance, turn on hot water. Unlike a conventional water heater with a tank, tankless water heaters just turn on when they are required. When somebody turns on a faucet’s warm water (whether it’s from a shower, sink, dishwasher, or washing machine), the power for the heater is activated. The most common energy sources for tankless water heaters are gas and electricity.

  • Heat Exchanger Turns On

When the power source is on, the heat exchanger inside the system begins to heat up. The heat exchanger is what transfers heat to the water that passes through the tankless water heater.

  • Hot Water Goes to Where it’s Needed

Water is heated and sent out to the fixture or appliance. As more cold water travels through the water heater, it takes in warmth from the heat exchanger. The heated water is delivered to whatever source in your house requires the hot water.

  • Device Turns Off Until it’s Needed Again

A tankless water heater gives endless hot water since it heats water on-demand instead of from a storage tank (which can ultimately lack hot water). After the demand for hot water is done, the water heater turns off and the heat exchanger cools. The unit is inactive until hot water is needed once again in your home.

Unlimited Hot Water for Your Home

A key function in on-demand hot water heating units is, as opposed to keeping gallons of warm water in a storage tank, like their traditional counterparts, tankless heaters heat up water only when it’s activated. Water in tankless water heaters is heated as it is supplied, not ahead of time. This function eliminates the concern of using all of the hot water in the tank or system and then needing to wait for more hot water. Tankless water heating systems heat water as it goes through the pipelines, supplying unlimited hot water for your house. With on-demand water heating systems, gone are the days of worrying about how much hot water you have.

More Advantages of a Tankless Water Heater

  • Save Space

Tankless water heaters are a lot smaller in dimension than tank designs. On-demand water heaters operate without the 40-plus gallon water tank that their standard counterparts need. Deliberately, these tankless water heaters are only the size of a small suitcase. Some devices can even be wall-mounted to free up the area in your house. On-demand water heating systems can be installed in compact places such as a closet, basement, or garage, both inside and outside your home. Tankless water heating systems have the benefit of optimizing the square footage of usable space in a home, condo, or apartment.

  • Hot Water On-Demand

On-demand water heaters are understood for being just that, on-demand. With these units, there is no waiting for hot water. Tankless water heating units supply hot water in seconds, not minutes, which takes less energy, time, and money. Because water is heated as it’s used, there is never a problem of choosing between taking a hot shower and doing a load of laundry or running the dishwasher.

  • Lifespan

Tankless water heating systems have a longer lifespan than standard storage tank versions. In fact, tankless water heaters can last as much as two times as long as standard tank water heaters. A longer lifespan implies a higher return on your investment in installing a tankless water heating system.

  • Efficiency

Tank water heaters heat and reheat water when you are not using it, when you’re not even at home, using energy to keep the 40-50 gallons of water in the tank hot. In contrast, tankless water heaters just heat up the water when you need it. You’ll be getting rid of the price of keeping the 40-50 gallons of water saved in the tank warm by only heating up water when you turn on the faucet.

Tankless water heating units supply hot water in seconds, not minutes. Those minutes of time save water and reduce your utility bills. In fact, tank model water heating systems can lose 24 16-ounce bottles of water each time you shower just waiting on the water to turn warm. That quantity of water equates to 8,700 bottles of water wasted a year!

Tankless water heaters utilize about 30-50% less power than tank systems. The on-demand heating system results in much less wasted power and water, plus reduced CO2 usage. With their power performance, numerous tankless water heaters are qualified for tax credits. Tankless water heating units are more energy-efficient, conserve water, and eventually save you money on your regular monthly energy bills.

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