Why is My Air Conditioner Spitting Out Water?

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Air Conditioner Spitting Out Water

This is rather a typical Charlotte air conditioning problem in hot and moist summers. The water coming out of an air conditioning unit is not simply dripping; you’ve got an AC leaking, spitting or spraying water inside the house. We’ll discuss what is happening when your AC is sending water out into part of your house, as well as how you can repair it. That said, if you need emergency AC repair in Charlotte right now, take a break from this blog and call for fast, reliable service!

Few problems are more discouraging to deal with than a water leakage in your house. Then, if it’s from something you just take for granted like your AC, it’s even worse. An AC system can leak for a variety of reasons. It is very important to recognize when a leak is repairable versus when it needs professional work.

Common Reasons an Air Conditioner is Spitting Out Water

  • Dripping refrigerant liquid
  • Dirty filters
  • Broken fans
  • Improper installment
  • Drain obstructions
  • Drain or pipe cracks
  • Frozen air conditioner coils
  • Poor insulation

Leaky Cooling Agent

The refrigerant in your air conditioning system is added to cool the air. Without adequate cooling agent, an air conditioner won’t do anything. Nonetheless, old age, damage and other causes can cause leaks of the cooling agent liquid.
Homeowners commonly mistake refrigerant for water because it’s generally clear. The very best means to know if it’s water is if it puddles for a very long time. Refrigerant liquid rapidly turns into a gas, making it a more dangerous.
You should call a Charlotte HVAC expert any time you have cooling agent leakage on your ac unit immediately.

How to Repair an AC that’s Spitting Out Water

AC system refrigerant is acidic, making the metal wear and cause leaks with time. Here’s what you can do if you see this problem.

  • Shut off the power to the air conditioner to stay clear of electrical threats.
  • Drain the cooling agent by siphoning it out with a clear plastic hose pipe.
  • Situate the leak (it’s most likely to be a split, rust, or rusted spot).
  • Get rid of the dripping section of the air conditioner, such as the cooling agent container.
  • Get in touch with your AC unit’s manufacturer or locate a components overview to understand which refrigerant pan you require for the make and model.
  • Screw in the new refrigerant container into your air conditioner, then refill it with the fluid recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Switch on the device and search for leakages as well as make certain the air is cold originating from the vents.

The Air Filter is Dirty

A dirty or damaged air filter can trigger water to leak out of an AC unit. When the filter is clogged from toxins and particulates in the air, condensation develops within the air conditioner. Water dripping from a dirty air filter should not be ignored.

One more way to recognize if your air filter is the source of your dripping air conditioner is to put your hand in front of the vents. If the air pressure really lower than normal, examine the filter and take the steps to find the solution.

Broken Blower Fan

The blower fan pushes the cool air throughout the system. It’s supposed to move the air once the refrigerant does its job, but if it’s damaged, nothing will move. The outcome is a cooling agent or water leakage, sending pools of water around the AC unit. Sadly, it’s often thought to be a leak in the line considering the signs and symptoms are the same.

If you think the blower fan is the issue, listen to the vents or right next to the AC unit. There must be a distinct air flow noise around your home. If there isn’t and the air conditioner is on (and you know the temperature isn’t at the setting level you have), it’s time to take a look at the blower fan. If your blower fan is broken, South End HVAC can provide efficient AC repair in Charlotte to get your cooling system back on track.

Clogged Drainage System

Air conditioners incorporate internal air conditioning with a warmer outside temperature. This air flow creates condensation. Luckily, all ACs include a drain system that catches the excess water. Excess water can leak out of the drain pipeline if there’s a clog from dirt, particles and so on.

Obstructions, chips, splits and lots of other problems can bring about a leaking drainpipe system and condensate pipe. The good news is these are two of the easiest problems to handle. Occasionally, you do not have to spend any money or call a pro to get rid of the obstruction and get your AC unit back to full health.

Water Spitting From a Central Air Conditioning System

A central cooling system functions the same way as a window AC, other than that the coils, condenser and fan are located far from the cooling vents. As a result, it’s uncommon to see water spitting from an air vent, however you could see it trickling. If so, the factors are typically the exact same: clogged drainpipe line, dirty air filter or low refrigerant cost. A dirty air filter and a low refrigerant level can trigger a freeze, and melting water might overload the drainpipe system.

There’s a fourth factor for water to leak from cooling vents: inadequate air duct insulation. The air inside the air duct is cool, while the air outside it is warm. Dampness from the warm air can condense on the outside walls and seep towards the air vent opening, from which it drips. Enhancing the insulation on the outside of the air vent avoids this from taking place. If water is spitting from a central air system’s outdoors condenser system, it’s nothing to worry about. It’s most likely simply the slinger ring, although it doesn’t do any harm to look for drain clogs.


At the end of the day, many AC issues like we’ve described in this blog can be avoided with regular AC maintenance in Charlotte. We’ll inspect your unit, provide AC coil cleaning, and ensure that there are no current or potential issues with your air conditioner.

At South End Heating and Air we are Metrolina’s affordable AC experts. Call us anytime for a free consult and free estimate. We’ll evaluate your system and help make recommendations for optimum value. After all, our AC company in Charlotte wants to keep you cool all summer long and warm in the winter. Just schedule a visit with one of our technicians to talk about how we can help. Would you like to learn more options our techs can help you with? Give us a call today!

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