Why Is My Sink Water Cloudy?

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Why Is My Sink Water Cloudy?
Why Is My Sink Water Cloudy?

Why Is My Sink Water Cloudy or Not Clear?

Worried about faucet water that comes out a little cloudy?

If so, you’re likely dealing with one of these four causes:

  • Methane gas
  • Air bubbles
  • Total suspended solids (TSS)
  • Difficult water

Not exactly sure which cause could be the culprit? We’ll show you the signs of each problem above. We’ll additionally reveal to you what you can do to get rid of each of these situations.

Air Bubbles
Signs your have air bubbles in your faucet water:
Fill out a glass of water and also allow it to sit for a couple of minutes. Now watch the water. If the water gets rid of from the bottom up and comes to be entirely clear after a few minutes, the issue is probably simply air bubbles.

Excess air bubbles can get involved in your faucet water due to:

  • Trapped air in your pipes
  • Recent plumbing jobs
  • An increase in water pressure

Just how to eliminate it:
The good news is air bubbles in water are an entirely harmless concern so there’s no need to do anything. If the air bubbles are a hassle, ask a plumber to suggest possible options such as setting up an air elimination valve.

hard water on faucet
hard water on the faucet

Hard Water
Signs you have hard water:

  • Your laundry requires more soap to get clean and feels stiff
  • Cloudy water in a glass never dissipates
  • You see white spots on drinking glasses after cleaned
  • White deposits build up on faucets over time

Hard water is water that has a high quantity of dissolved minerals in it (mostly calcium as well as magnesium). And also since North Carolina has notoriously hard water, this could be the concern behind your cloudy drinking water.

Exactly how does water come to be “hard”? Well, when rainwater falls, it travels along the ground up until it strikes a water resource (a river, lake, and so on). However as it follows the ground, it picks up debris from the surface. As well as if the terrain in your area is abundant in calcium or magnesium (such as sedimentary rock or chalk), you likely have hard water.

Exactly how to get rid of it:
Have our plumbers install a whole-home reverse osmosis water purification system. These systems eliminate the additional minerals in your water to make your water less cloudy. A reverse osmosis purification system also removes dangerous chemicals or bacteria that can make their way into your water.

High “TSS” focus
Signs you have high levels of TSS in your faucet water:

  • There’s lately been construction, exploration activity, or other ground disruption near your municipal water system
  • Water becomes clear after going through a typical water filter

What exactly is “TSS”? TSS stands for total suspended solids and describes all the extremely small solids in water that stay “put on hold” in the water (don’t ever drop to the bottom)

Some of these solids consist of:

    • Iron
    • Silt
    • Algae
    • Sediment
    • Clay
    • Manganese

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not offer a requirement for TSS measurement in drinking water, however unusual cloudiness due to TSS can lead to germs growth.

Just how to get rid of it:
Utilize a basic cartridge or bag water filter for much less serious cloudiness. For extra serious cloudiness, you might need to utilize a multi-level media water purification.

Methane Gas
Signs you have methane gas in your faucet water:

  • White air bubbles in your water
  • You utilize well water
  • Water sputtering from the tap

Methane is a natural gas that can occur naturally in well water. This gas is colorless, tasteless as well as odor free. If you think you have methane gas in your water you’ll want to get it tested. South End Water Filtration offers a free water filtration test with your whole home water filter consultation.

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