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Leak Detection, Concord, NC

Our team at South End Plumbing handles leak detection in the Concord, NC area efficiently and quickly.

Leak Detection in Concord, NCLeak Detection in Concord – There are two kinds of leaks that can happen in your home or business – the ones you see and the ones you don’t. Even the ones you see can be difficult to locate the cause of. Water flow has some very sneaky ways of traversing through a building, which can make leak detection somewhat challenging. If your water bill has been climbing, you hear water running but don’t see it, or you see actual water damage, the best thing to do is call a company that has effective leak detection expertise. Our team at South End Plumbing handles leak detection in the Concord, NC area efficiently and quickly.

DIY leak detection could have you putting multiple holes in your wall, looking for the problem, but you’re not likely to find it, since where the water comes out and becomes visible is rarely where the leak begins. A small pin-prick in a pipe from corrosion or hanging that picture on the wall without checking for what’s behind it can cause damage that accumulates in one area, overflows that area, and then proceeds to some different area entirely. It can even take days or weeks to become noticeable, so you’ve completely forgotten about that picture you hung. Our leak detection services are non-invasive, allowing us to diagnose your problem without tearing down walls looking for it.

Once we locate the problem, we offer you a free estimate on the repairs needed. We can also perform a routine leak detection inspection on your property for peace of mind. Since water damage can result in mold, mildew and insect infestations, it is best to locate and fix any leaks as early as possible.

With our leak detection services, we can also tell you if you have a wide-spread problem, such as aging pipes that would necessitate a re-piping rather than keep repairing a new place every few weeks. We always keep what is best for you in mind and tell you all your options. Customer satisfaction is our main goal, and we guarantee your 100% satisfaction on our leak detection services and any of our other plumbing services.




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