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Clogged Drain, Kannapolis, NC

Preventing a clogged drain is easier when you are aware of what can and what should not be put down the drains in your Kannapolis, NC home or business.

Clogged DrainClogged Drain in Kannapolis – A clogged drain can quickly put a stop to your entire day, not to mention the affected portion of your plumbing. When issues like these arise, knowing who to call is just as important as finding and fixing the cause of the clog in the first place. Preventing a clogged drain is even easier when you are aware of what can and what should not be put down a drain.

Perhaps the most obvious way to prevent a clogged drain is to never put a foreign object into the drain. Because of the nature of many drain systems, the sudden narrowing, turn, or U-bend in a drain is more than enough to stop an object that “might” fit through the drain. This can also apply to certain food scraps, especially if there is no disposal present or the disposal is not run sufficiently. Drain covers and food catchers in appropriate drains can prevent many of these issues, as chemicals for de-clogging drains are usually ineffective on these types of clogs.

Other types of clogs can build up over time, as these form from the accumulation of grease, sanitary products not meant to be flushed, and food scraps, especially coffee grounds, eggshells, pasta, rice, potatoes, and beans. Areas with hard water can also add this as a potential contributor to a clogged drain, since minerals from the water can accumulate on the interior of pipes.

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