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Sewer Jetter, Monroe, NC

A sewer jetter uses high volumes of water pressure to clear out items in your Monroe, NC pipes and keep things moving smoothly.

Sewer JetterSewer Jetter in Monroe – When you own a home or commercial building, you are typically responsible for keeping the sewer lines clear, so water and waste can flow through the drains and onto the processing plant with no issues. If you do experience a clogged sewer line, you know this is a frustrating problem that is hard to repair. The clog could come as the result of an accidental flushing of something big down a drain or toilet, or when something blocks the pipe further down beneath the ground, such as a tree branch or root. When the main pipe for sewer becomes clogged, anything that is flushed down the drain has nowhere to go. As a result, the water and waste tends to come back up through the floor drains or toilets, leading to contamination and other serious problems.

Not only does contaminated water cause issues, but damage caused by clean water is frustrating and expensive to repair. Mold growth is a major concern after a leak or flood, so a clogged pipe is a prime target for this problem to occur. However, cleaning out your sewer lines is basically impossible to take on yourself. At South End Plumbing, we offer sewer jetter services for those in Monroe, North Carolina and many of the surrounding cities. A sewer jetter uses high volumes of water pressure to clear out items in the pipes and keep things moving smoothly.

Our sewer jetter has a PSI of 4000 that can descale cast iron and easily clean out all sizes of pipes. Please contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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