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Garbage Disposal Repair, Charlotte, NC

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Call the Professionals when it comes to Garbage Disposal Repair, Charlotte, NCGarbage Disposal Repair in Charlotte – Many of us rely heavily on our garbage disposals for getting rid of food scraps during meal preparation and cleanup. However, if the garbage disposal stops working, you may not know exactly what to do.

There are several common situations that require garbage disposal repair. If a fuse is blown, this requires a flip of the circuit breaker to provide power. If the motor overheats, you can diagnose this problem by allowing it to cool down slightly, then feeling around the unit to determine if it still feels warm.

Make sure that the power to the unit is disconnected before you reach into the sink. After the motor has cooled down, you can perform a reset, which should fix the problem. Another common cause for garbage disposal problems is when minerals build up on the blades, which prevents them from turning properly. A simple fix for garbage disposal repair is to pour hot vinegar into the sink, which helps to break up the deposits.

However, the most common problem that homeowners encounter is a jammed garbage disposal. If this is the problem, you can start by checking the flywheel. If something goes down the drain that shouldn’t have, such as a toy or piece of silverware, the flywheel will shut off the disposal to prevent further damage. Once you turn the power off, you can reach into the drain to find and remove the item causing the jam. You can also try to use a wooden stick to help move the blades.

Did you know that there are several common items that can cause your garbage disposal to clog, just like they would your drains? It’s important to never put these items down your garbage disposal to ensure that it doesn’t sustain long-term damage or affect your home’s plumbing:

  • Grease – When grease cools, it hardens and solidifies, which is why you should never dump it down your kitchen sink after you’re done the cooking. Instead, leave it in a can or a jar until it has hardened, and then dispose of it in your trash can.
  • Egg shells – How many times have you cracked an egg and then mindlessly put the shell in the sink? Not only can egg shells result in clogged drains, but they’re also hard on your garbage disposal and can reduce the overall lifespan of this important appliance.
  • Coffee grounds – Although coffee grounds won’t harm your garbage disposal and they’re good at absorbing odors, they can still accumulate in your pipes and cause problems. The next time you make a cup of coffee in the morning, do yourself a favor and dump the grounds in the garbage instead of the sink.

If simple home remedies don’t work, our experts can fix the problem. At South End Plumbing, we offer garbage disposal repair in and around Charlotte, North Carolina. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment for a garbage disposal repair professional to come to your home.

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