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Sump Pumps, Cornelius, NC

Sump pumps are designed to remove excess water and moisture from your basement in Cornelius, NC.

Sump Pumps, Cornelius, NCSump Pumps in Cornelius – Sump pumps are indispensable in many homes for a variety of reasons. Sump pumps are designed to remove excess water and moisture from a space, usually a basement, and move that water somewhere less problematic. Several factors of your property can determine the need, best placement, and type of sump pumps ideal for your situation.

If your property is in an area of Cornelius, NC with a high water table or that is prone to flooding, a sump pump removes the water that can seep in or otherwise infiltrate the property. The sump pump works with the sump basin, which can be made from a variety of materials. The basin is located in the lowest point, allowing water that has infiltrated to collect there. Once in the basin, the sump pump engages, sending the infiltrated water to a dry well, municipal storm drain, or somewhere else where the water will not be as problematic. Sump pumps are usually hardwired into the electrical system, and a battery backup is an excellent idea in places where prolonged loss of power could lead to flooding, as in the case of a severe storm.

A major concern in older sump pumps is where the installation discharges into the sanitary sewer connection. These most often appear when the discharge from the sump pump drains into a laundry sink or other drains. If you’re in an older home or business and not sure of the route of discharge from your sump pump, it may be in violation of current plumbing code or local law and should be corrected as soon as possible.

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