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Repiping, Huntersville, NC

We will work with you to ensure a repiping project does not interfere with your daily schedule in Huntersville, NC.

RepipingRepiping in Huntersville – Older pipes develop rust over time and will eventually corrode to the point that they start to cause problems. Repiping is the process of changing out the old pipes in your Huntersville, NC home or office. If your pipes are more than 25 years old and you have started to notice changes in your water color and smell, your water pressure becomes weak, or you begin having leaky pipes, it may be time to have them replaced. Typically, old iron pipes will be replaced with new copper piping.

When might you need to consider repiping?

  • Your water pressure has significantly changed to a weak spray in your shower or sink, or your washing machine does not fill quickly.
  • Your water appears rust colored and/or has a funny smell.
  • You notice pipes leaking in different areas throughout your home or office.
  • You’ve had tree roots grow up through your pipes, causing damage.
  • You begin having sewer backups or you notice leaking spots in your yard or on the ground.

When you have your home or office repiped, our team at South End Plumbing will:

  • Find the original piping pattern to make sure the new copper pipes will fit.
  • Ensure we have all the right materials to complete the project.
  • Clean the copper pipes with flux paste before installation, so they can be soldered properly.
  • In a final check, our professionals will make sure your hot water runs hot and your cold water runs cold.

At South End Plumbing, we will work with you to ensure a repiping project does not interfere with your daily schedule.  It is important to hire professionals who know what they are doing and can complete a repiping project in a reasonable amount of time. Do not try to repipe your home or office on your own! This is a big task that requires expertise, so please call us today for more information.

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