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Toilet Repair, Huntersville, NC

If you need toilet repair at your Huntersville, NC home, we can help.

Toilet RepairToilet Repair in Huntersville – Are you frustrated because your toilet just doesn’t seem to be working properly? Do you need help with toilet repair, but aren’t really sure where to start? Our team at South End Plumbing can come to your Huntersville, NC home or office to assist you with any of your toilet repair needs.

We can find and resolve toilet issues including:

  • Water on the Floor – Clear up any standing water and check valves and bolts to make sure there isn’t a leak. You may also need a new wax ring at the base of the toilet, or the tank may be cracked and need replacing.
  • Toilet Won’t Flush or Only Flushes Partially – Make sure all the parts attached to the handle are not damaged and/or check that the chain inside the tank is not too slack, the flapper is properly installed, and the tank has enough water.
  • Slow-Filling or Leaky, Noisy Toilet – Test for an open water supply and test the fill tank to resolve issues with a toilet that is constantly running and noisy. This may also require the replacement of the inner pump in the tank.
  • Stuck or Loose Toilet Handle – Check for buildup around the mounting nut and clean with vinegar to cause the handle to operate more smoothly.

Some toilet repairs will be resolved easily, and others may require professional help. We have an excellent team available to assist you with any questions or toilet repairs you may have. Give us a call, and we will get your on your way to more important things than toilet repairs!

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