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Garbage Disposal Repair, Indian Trail, NC

Those without experience in garbage disposal repair in Indian Trail, NC could wind up causing more damage.

Garbage Disposal RepairGarbage Disposal Repair in Indian Trail – When you prepare food for your family, you probably rely on the garbage disposal in the sink to grind up food waste and reduce odors. Without a functioning garbage disposal, you typically have to put all leftovers and excess food products into the trash can, which can cause odors to pervade your house or attract pets or pests who shouldn’t be getting into the garbage. If you turn on your garbage disposal switch but the machine won’t turn on, this is a sign of an electrical problem. It could be the result of shorted circuits, which often occur after the disposal becomes overloaded with too much food. Another cause is a tripped circuit breaker, which is usually a simple fix.

There is a flywheel within the garbage disposal that allows the blades to move around and grind up the food. If you put something down the drain that is too big or hard, it can cause the flywheel to get stuck, which will then stop the blades from moving. Turn it off immediately if this occurs, as leaving it on can cause further damage to the motor or other parts of the appliance. Any of these issues might require garbage disposal repair, which is where our experts at South End Plumbing come in.

Garbage disposal repair might seem like a simple process, so many homeowners try to diagnose and fix problems themselves. Not only can this be very dangerous because the blades are very sharp and the appliance can turn back on suddenly, but those without experience in garbage disposal repair could wind up causing more damage. Give us a call if you are in or around Indian Trail, North Carolina, and we can provide you with a free estimate.

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