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Sewer Jetting, Indian Trail, NC

We have a sewer jetting machine with a PSI of 4000 that can clean out pipes of all sizes and descale cast iron in Indian Trail, NC.

Sewer JettingSewer Jetting in Indian Trail – Dealing with clogged sewer lines can be one of the most frustrating things about owning a home or office building. It is a common problem that often occurs as a result of someone flushing something large down a toilet or drain, or when nearby tree roots grow into the sewer lines and block the pipes. The reason it is such a difficult problem is because it can cause contaminated water and/or waste to come back through the plumbing, leaving you with a very messy situation. Contaminated water often contains bacteria that legally require you to replace any carpeting that it has touched, and waste is even more difficult to clean up.

Water damage is also detrimental to structures because it can destroy flooring and drywall in a short period of time. Mold can begin to grow within minutes of water exposure, which can lead to allergic reactions in residents or employees in the building. Dealing with flooding from sewer clogs is not a fun experience from any angle, but there are steps you can take to avoid this happening in the future. Sewer jetting uses high water pressure to clean out sewer and drain lines that won’t cause any damage to the pipes. It is a natural and easy way to move small clogs that could potentially lead to bigger issues in the future.

At South End Plumbing, we offer sewer jetting services in the Indian Trail, North Carolina area. We have a sewer jetting machine with a PSI of 4000 that can clean out pipes of all sizes and descale cast iron. If you have any questions about this process, please contact us today.

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