The toilet in your home is a fixture that you really can’t live without. If you run into any one of these four common problems, it’s essential that you call us at South End Plumbing as soon as possible for toilet repair.

  1. Your Toilet Runs Constantly- There are two reasons why your toilet may keep running. First, your valve may not be closing properly. Secondly, the float ball might be rubbing up against the side of your toilet’s tank. Luckily, these are both simple toilet repair problems to fix.
  1. Your Toilet is Always Clogged- If your toilet becomes clogged every time you use it, your plunger probably isn’t helping much anymore. If this is the case, there may be an obstruction in your drain pipe. When you call us, we’ll identify the exact location of the clog and get rid of it.
  1. Your Toilet Tank Fills Slowly- If your toilet tank takes several minutes to fill back up after you flush, your fill supply may be partially closed. In this situation, all you need to do is open the shut off valve, which is typically located right behind the wall of your toilet.
  1. Your Toilet Won’t Flush All the Way- When your toilet isn’t flushing completely, there may be a problem with the chain that opens the flush valve. To remedy the problem, all you may have to do is reconnect it. However, you’ll need to call us for toilet repair if the chain is broken and needs to be replaced.