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Water Heaters, Cornelius, NC

We offer installation, replacement, and repair services for water heaters in Cornelius, NC.

Water Heaters, Cornelius, NCWater Heaters in Cornelius – Water heaters provide warm water in homes and offices for hygiene, food preparation, and more. If you turn on the faucet and only cold water comes out, your water heater might be having problems. You may be able to avoid issues by keeping track of the age of your water heater, which should be printed on a sticker on the water heater. Manufacturers recommend replacement every 10 years, so if yours is reaching that age, it may be worthwhile to replace it before it goes out and causes problems. This is especially important if your water heater is installed on an upper level of the home where it could potentially cause a lot of damage if the water leaks.

You can also look for signs that your water heater is having issues, such as rotten egg odors coming from the tank, rusty or discolored water, sudden changes in water pressure in the taps, and a decrease in water temperature. If you do notice these signs, you can check if the problem is in the faucet by checking other faucets in other rooms of the home. Keep an eye on the floor around the water heater, as well, since drips and leaks can indicate that the water heater may not be working properly.

At South End Plumbing, we offer installation, replacement, and repair services for water heaters. Our services are available for both commercial and residential clients in and near Cornelius, North Carolina. Problems with water heaters can cause significant damage if left untreated, so call us as soon as you notice a potential problem.



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