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Leaking Water Heater, Huntersville, NC

We can help you identify leaking water heater problems in your Huntersville, NC home.

Leaking Water HeaterLeaking Water Heater in Huntersville – Have you noticed the area around your water heater is wet, but you aren’t sure where it’s coming from? Are you worried this could be a sign of a larger problem? You may have a leaking water heater that needs to be addressed. Sometimes water around your water heater can simply be condensation buildup. However, there are a few things you can look for to identify why it is leaking and resolve the problem.

Determine if your water heater is dripping, spraying or flooding, then determine the best course of action to resolve the issue.

  • Dripping – Determine where the dripping is coming from. Two of the most common sources of this type of leak are the pressure relief valve and the drain valve. If either valve proves to be defective or damaged, you will need to replace it. In particular, the pressure relief valve needs to be working because a faulty valve could cause pressure buildup, and your water heater may explode.
  • Spraying – If your leaking water heater is spraying water from its pipes or from the heater itself, immediately turn off the water to the entire house. It may be that you simply need to repair or replace some of the piping to resolve the issue.
  • Flooding – This issue could be the result of several things, including a faulty heating element gasket or a corroded tank. Make sure to empty the water heater of all its water (and be careful– this water is scalding hot!) before you assess the situation further. Water heaters also have limited life spans, so it could be time to replace the whole unit.

Identifying leaking water heater problems can be a challenge, especially when you may already have water surrounding the area and need a quick solution. If you are unsure of the problem with your water heater at your Huntersville, NC home, or if you need you need advice, our professional team at South End Plumbing can give you expert assistance in the repair or replacement of your leaking water heater. We look forward to talking with you!

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