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Water Heater Installation, Indian Trail, NC

A professional can perform your water heater installation in Indian Trail, NC in less time and with far less stress.

Water Heater InstallationWater Heater Installation in Indian Trail – The installation of a new water heater can be a challenging experience if not handled correctly. Because of the lifespan of many water heaters, this is a process that is handled every 8 to 12 years, depending on the type of water heater, the heat source, the placement in the home or business, the amount of usage, and other factors.

When you’re looking for water heater installation, it often means there is an old water heater that must be taken out. While some homeowners do feel comfortable enough to handle this process on their own, the combination of a tank full of potentially scalding water, electrical or gas connections, and the weight of an older water heater usually means that a professional can perform your water heater installation in less time and with far less stress when compared to the DIY route.

Water heater installation will require turning off the water and gas (or electric) supplies to the water heater. The tank will need to be emptied, usually with a hose, and the old water heater may weigh significantly more than its newer counterpart. This is in part due to sediment settling in the tank over time, and partly due to more energy-efficient and smaller components common to most newer models of water heaters. Once the old appliance is taken out and the new one sited, it will need to be connected to the heat trap, water line, and gas or electric source. Once the new gas connection is tested to be leak-free, the pilot light can be lit and the appliance turned on.

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