Quit Using the Dreaded Snake on a Regular Basis

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When Drain Snakes Don’t Cut it

Have you ever had the experience of having drains that are slow to drain, that fill to overflowing, causing you to keep your handwashing sessions short? If this has ever happened to you, you may have started out by trying drain cleaners that were natural, like a combination of baking soda and water, then moving on to those sold at hardware stores, and finally resorted to locating the plumbing tool known as a “snake” and doing your best to unclog the drains.  Unfortunately, sometimes all of these options will fail to clear your drains.  If you are tired of reaching for that snake, yet want to ensure that you will have clean drains, the best thing to do is get professional drain cleaning services as soon as possible.

While you may be wondering when professional drain cleaning services are necessary, there are a few key signs that it may be time for drain cleaning.  One of these key signs is if you have multiple plumbing fixtures backing up at the

same time.  For example, if your sink and shower both refuse to drain completely, or take a long time to drain, you may have drains that need cleaning.  Another sign that your drains are in dire need of service is if they are putting out a rather pungent odor that smells of stagnant water or other decay.  While these are sure signs that a drain cleaning is in order, there are other factors to consider, such as the age of your pipes and the material of which they are made.  Plumbing pipes that are made out of galvanized steel are notorious for clogging. In fact, if you have galvanized steel pipes in your home, we may suggest that you replace them when we come to perform your drain cleaning.

If you are in need of drain cleaning services, contact us at South End Plumbing.  We have the knowledge, experience and tools necessary to get the job done quickly and effectively.  Let us assist you in having drains that do their job every day.

South End Plumbing, Heating, & Air Expert Tips

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