Reasons Your Toilet Keeps Running

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Toilet Running - Bad Flapper?
Toilet Running – Bad Flapper?

Reasons Your Toilet Keeps Running

A toilet is running because the flapper is not closed and this is most likely because the chain or linkage device is keeping it from closing due to it being disconnected or kinked. When a toilet begins running and also does not quit after the normal flush cycle, individuals commonly look blankly at the storage tank questioning what the problem is, or jiggle the flush shutoff to see if that repairs anything. While those options won’t do you any great, there are a couple of basic points you can do to take care of a running toilet. The very first step is to identify the cause, and after that you can act accordingly to quit the toilet from running.

Most Common Causes of a Toilet Running:

  • The float height requires to be adjusted
  • The flapper is dripping and also needs to be replaced
  • The refill tube needs to be reduced
  • The link to the flapper is lodgedTools and also materials you may require:
  • Replacement fill shutoff
  • Toilet Tank Rebuild kit
  • Screwdriver
  • Plyers
Diagram for running toilet
Diagram for running toilet

We strongly recommend that you call a professional plumbing technician to inspect the situation for you, as there could be other concerns with your toilet that might require repair service as well as upkeep. That does not suggest that you can’t examine your toilet on your own! Right here are some things that you can do that may help fix your running toilet in the meantime.

1. You may need to lower the float
Among the most usual reasons for a running toilet is overflow water leaking down right into the bowl from the storage tank by means of the overflow tube. This takes place when there’s excessive water in the storage tank. You can adjust the water level by readjusting the height of the float.

To reduce the water in a toilet with a float arm, tighten the screw or loosen until the float arm decreases.

To decrease the water in a toilet with a column float connected to the fill valve, loosen the screw or clip, lower the float, and tighten everything back up again.

2. You may need to replace the flapper/flush valve (or have an obstruction at the flapper)
Perhaps the most common factor for a running toilet is an old flapper that requires to be changed. When flappers get old, they don’t seal the means they should, as well as this permits water to pass frequently from the toilet storage tank right into the dish.

To change the flapper, just get rid of the old one as well as change it with a new one from the equipment store. Get rid of the old one by separating the chain and also taking the flapper off the pins on the side of the overflow tube. To connect the new one, link the chain and also attach the sides to the pins.

Idea: Drain the water from the storage tank before you change the flapper. Shut off the supply of water to the toilet, and after that flush the toilet to drain the water.

Idea: If the chain is also long on the new flapper, you may require to shorten it. If it’s long sufficient to get caught beneath the flapper, you won’t get a good seal, as well as the toilet will remain to run.

3. You may have to shorten the refill tube
Another cause behind your running toilet could be that the refill tube is always pumping water into the bowl, and this occurs when tube is also long as well as isn’t positioned properly in the overflow tube.

To shorten a refill tube, pull the tube out of the overflow and hold it just above the opening of the overflow, cut it off there, and also clip it sideways of the overflow tube to keep it in position.

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