Top Plumbing Leak Detection Tips for Your Home or Business

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Leak Detection Tips

It is important to fix any leak at your home or business immediately. Unchecked leaks mean a lot of wasted water, and a lot of money wasted on your water bill. Additionally, leaks can cause major water damage problems for your home or business. It is best to avoid these problems by fixing leaks in a timely manner. However, not all leaks are as easy to identify as a leaking faucet.

The question is: how can you identify a hidden leak? There are several leak detection signs home owners and business owners can look out for to identify a hidden leak.

  1. High Water Bills: If you see your water bill inexplicably increase in price, you may have a hidden leak at your home or business.
  2. Water Pressure Changes: Hidden water leaks are also often associated with unexplained changes to water pressure at your home or business.
  3. Ground Saturation: If you notice areas around your home or business that have a high level of water saturation, this may indicate a leak.
  4. Flooring Changes: If you notice inconsistencies in your flooring, such as bubbles in your linoleum, this may indicate a leak that needs immediate attention.
  5. Running or Dripping Water: Finally, you may also notice the noise of running or dripping water without an obvious source, which often indicates a water leak.

If you notice any of these signs, you should call a plumber immediately to conduct leak detection at your home or business. A trained plumber will have the equipment and expertise to follow these symptoms and find the source of the leak. Contact us if you think you may need leak detection services!

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