Video Technology for Leak Detection

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What Can a Drain Camera See

When stoppages or lack of effective water pressure make your toilets or faucets ineffective, or if you suspect your water’s somehow tainted, it’s important to search for plumbing leaks. One of the most reliable forms of leak detection is video or camera technology. Sewer cameras are developed specifically to go through the length of your pipes until the leak is discovered.

While household models of sewer cameras do exist, they’re generally not as good as the more expensive ones used by professional plumbers. They’re longer, usually long enough to go through your house pipes and further, into where your drains connect to the city sewers. A plumber’s sewer camera will have better picture and, even more importantly, special transmitters that tell the plumber where exactly the camera lens is at all times, so he can pinpoint the problem faster with more accuracy. A professional with the best gear is your best ally in leak detection.

Another reason to have a plumber use video technology to uncover plumbing leaks is if you see a spike in your water bill; that could be a problem solved with professional leak detection. Leaks mean more water’s required than is necessary, and there’s the risk of bacteria infecting your pipes. That’s a risk no one wants.

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