Water Leaking Out Of The Shower When Filling The Tub?

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Shower Leaking Filling the Tub
Shower Leaking Filling the Tub

What Makes Water Leak Out Of The Shower When Filling The Tub?

Have you noticed that water is coming out of your shower head while you’re filling your bathtub? If your shower and tub are integrated, and the pipes is operating correctly, only one faucet should be performing at a time. If the concern is not resolved, gradually this could amount to paying more for your water bill and loss of water pressure from your shower head.

Water should not be coming out of your shower head till you pull up the handle on your tub’s spout to alter your water source. So, if water is coming out without having done that, you might have a concern with your shower diverter valve. The valve works as the name indicates by diverting or rerouting water from coming down the tub faucet to stream as much as the shower head.

Pulling the knob on the tub’s faucet makes the diverter turn inside the pipe to block the water from coming out of the tub. However, time and develop can wear down the diverter from correctly turning which might cause water coming out of both fixtures at the same time.

A helpful pointer to prevent wearing out your diverter and guarantee that it continues to work is to let the flow of water return to the tub spout when you’re done taking a shower prior to you turn off the faucet.

To clean up and get rid of any accumulation that may be affecting the diverter from working properly, you’ll need to take apart the valve assembly.

shower diverter valve
shower diverter valve

You’ll need to have:

  • Screwdriver
  • Wire brush
  • White vinegar

Take the cap off the tub’s faucet, and when you take out the handle, at this time you should have a visual on the diverter valve. Find the nut on the stem and loosen it along with the washer and screw. Examine these pieces to see if they look worn down and replace if required.

Dip the little wire brush in vinegar and scrub any particles or buildup from the valve. After the valve has dried, put it back together and run the faucet in the tub to see if this has stopped water coming out of the shower head when you’re filling the tub.

If upon assessment, there is method excessive gunk for you to remove completely or you find that it has become harmed, then you will probably need a new valve.

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