What is a Drainboard Used for on a Kitchen Sink?

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What is a Drainboard Used for on a Kitchen Sink
There are numerous advantages to having a drainboard built right into your sink.

What is a Drainboard Used for on a Kitchen Sink?

A drainboard kitchen sink is precisely what it seems like– a sink with a drainboard integrated into it. It’s a handy function for corralling dishes (or fruits as well as veggies!) that need to dry. Although the name isn’t extravagant, the sink layout can be. They can be found in the very same range of materials as their conventional counterparts– this includes stainless-steel, granite compound, copper, fireclay, as well as Corian.

Like various other sinks, you’ll discover both drop-in (self-rimming) as well as under mount drainboard styles. Many, nonetheless, are drop-ins. They’re additionally readily available as solitary basin ranch sinks. You’ll find that your drainboard can have multiple basins, however, so you will not need to give up your dual sink if you like having a separate area for washing and another for rinsing. You can likewise keep the single-bowl style if you wash a lot of large pots and pans.

The drainboard strainer is the only difference you’ll discover between drainboard and also standard containers (even if you have an energy sink), so you do not require to bother with setup frustrations. Any type of accredited plumbing technician or proficient DIYer can install the function, and it should not interfere with your backsplash or kitchen area faucet.

Drainboard Sink Pros and Cons

There are numerous advantages to having a drainboard built right into your sink. Particularly, it conserves important cooking area property. You will not require to squander the counter room on a standing dish rack, as well as if you need added space, you can simply place a cutting board over the drainboard to develop a job surface area. When you do hand laundry meals, the built-in attribute will certainly carry excess water straight into the sink as opposed to mistaking it.

Additionally, if you position a cutting board over the drain to slice veggies or various other foods, it’ll be simple to scuff any waste right into the waste disposal unit. Moreover, if the sink is constructed from stainless steel or an additional heat-resistant product, the drainboard will certainly create a location to set up hot pots and pans.

Although drainboard kitchen area sinks are incredibly practical for the most part, there are a couple of disadvantages to taking into consideration. A lot of them have ridges or grooves where dust can gather. You might discover you need a tiny brush to assist you in maintaining points clean.

Install a Drainboard Sink

Drop-in, or self-rimming, drainboard sinks are the most readily offered and the simplest to mount. An opening is cut into the countertop where the sink will go. The container is decreased into locations from above. On a self-rimming sink, the lip around the edge is vast as well as solid sufficient to sustain the weight, and simply sits on top of the counter. When the sink remains in the area, you hook up the needed plumbing and caulk around the rim to form a watertight seal.

You may likewise pick one more drainboard option– under-mount sinks get connected to the bottom of your countertop using sink clips as well as strong building and construction epoxy. They fit under as opposed to over the counter, so you can wipe crumbs, dust as well as water pools straight right into the sink without needing to go over any kind of trim beside the sink. Note that because of their weight, under-mount sinks don’t work with every countertop product. They succeed with rocks like granite and quartz however aren’t advised for concrete or laminate.

Remember that under-mount sinks obtain hefty, specifically when loaded with water. Consequently, it’s usually best to leave the under-mount setup to the experts. The same is true for apron-front and farmhouse sinks. This selection typically calls for custom-made or customized cabinetry as well as in some cases leaves just a little room for extra fixtures. In addition to modifying your cupboards, you’ll likely need a structure to support the dish, which needs to normally be undermounted.

Drainboard Kitchen Sink Benefits

Dishwashers changed the way many of us clean dishes, but not in all situations. Even with dishwashing machines in a lot of residences, it is much better to wash crystal glasses, for example, by hand. Drainboard kitchen sinks are perfect if you have lots of delicate items that need to be hand-washed. The smooth or ribbed sloped surface area of the drainboard channels water directly right into the sink. Drainboard sinks come in every one of the products that sinks can be found in, consisting of stainless steel and Corian.

Not only is the drainboard an ideal place for drying your hand-washables such as white wine glasses, plastic containers, or pots as well as pans, a drainboard is additionally the best area to establish a hot frying pan. If you have struggled with draining water off spaghetti without any safe place to relax the hefty pot, you know the worth of an integrated and also sturdy drainboard.

A drainboard kitchen sink is also a practical location to put a reduction board for food preparation. Peelings as well as refuse can quickly be pressed from the drainboard right into the garbage disposal. If children or unskilled assistants assist with food preparation, a drainboard cooking area sink is the area for your helper to be. You will fret less about your assistant harming an expensive kitchen counter if his enthusiastic initiatives lead to wayward pieces with a sharp knife.

Drainboard Sink Drawbacks

The major drawback of a drainboard kitchen sink is that the drainboard will certainly remove a few of the normal countertop areas.

Additionally, if the drainboard is ribbed, the grooves will need to be meticulously cleaned up with a toothbrush or various other soft-bristled brushes. This is especially essential after cleaning up or preparing meats such as chicken or pork.

Furthermore, a drainboard kitchen sink generally sets you back greater than a common model, and also fashionable top-mount styles are limited.

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