Why Main Sewer Lines Sometimes Need Replaced Rather than Just Repaired

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Why main sewer lines sometimes need replaced rather than just repairedWhy Main Sewer Lines Sometimes Need Replaced Rather than Just Repaired

You know you have a sewer problem on your hands. Is it going to need repairs or a total replacement? It’s a huge headache already.

The problem could be from years of wear and tear. It could be with the ground around the main sewer line. Even if you’ve maintained your sewer line and whole system well, it’s hard to know the cause. A little information about sewer systems and how they work will help you know what to do, or at least who to call, next.

When Will it Probably Be Time to Replace?

A sewer line’s lifespan can depend on the age of a house, the material the pipe’s made of, the care of the system over the years, and environmental and natural events. A sewer line should last a minimum of 50 years. Iron and PVC pipes tend to last longer, up to a century. If you have an older house, it’s smart to know when the house and the sewer system were built. It’s possible how previous owners treated the system impacts your decisions now.

When to Replace a Main Sewer Line

About nothing’s worse than frequent sewer and sewage problems. Reoccurring issues mean you could well have a need to replace rather than just repair a sewer line.

Occasionally it’s possible to fix an obstruction or simple issue with a drain cleaning and service. There comes a point when these methods will not address the trouble. At that point, sewer lines will need to be replaced by expert technicians.

These are the obvious signs you, as a homeowner, ought to know about when it comes time to need a sewer line replacement.

Signs Your Sewer Line Has Had It

  • Time
    The older the line and system, the more often and more ways it’ll fail. If you don’t know how old your sewer lines are, take into consideration the age of your home. A house constructed 50 or more years ago is more likely to require a sewer line replacement rather than repair issues over and over again.
  • Reoccurring issues
    This is pretty related. If plumbing problems have kept on coming back for months or years, the root cause might have to do with the sewer. On the other hand, if you have a relatively younger sewer system, and the issues haven’t been repeating or going on too long, it’s possible a professional repair and the right maintenance going forward will work great.
  • Constant clogs
    Are you getting nasty clogs all the time, even when treating your toilets and sinks ok? An overflowing toilet is usually a one-time issue. Or, it’s usually thanks to someone trying to flush paper towels, bathroom tissue or feminine hygiene products. However if you’re dealing with clogs despite the fact you have not been flushing the wrong things down the tubes, this could be a sign of bigger troubles in your sewage system lines.
Why main sewer lines sometimes need replaced rather than just repaired
Why main sewer lines sometimes need replaced rather than just repaired
  • Huge trees
    Tree roots are a leading reason for sewer damage. If there are big, old trees on your property, or even nearby your property, there might be massive root system invading and damaging your sewer system. If your home, the sewer and the trees have all been there for a century or so, this is a likely answer. Tree roots extend underground much wider than the size of the tree above ground.
  • Mysterious sounds
    Do you ever hear odd, unknown, gurgling or dripping sounds from faucets or toilets? It could just be a clog. It could be something major.
  • Water fixture malfunction
    If water backs up in your toilets, sinks or baths, or water backs up in drains in a basement or outdoors, this is a probably sign of a main line clog. This is especially true, and a serious sign of trouble, if multiple fixtures or multiple drains are backing up.

What Can Pros Do to Help?

If you’re seeing any one of these warnings, we highly recommend utilizing a sewer camera inspection service to find out what’s truly going on in your sewage system.
Experts are best able to identify your pipe’s trouble when they can really see what’s taking place via a camera. This information will go into if repairing or replacing should be the next step.

A video examination shows conditions of the pipe and determines the location of failures. This will mean the experts will fix your sewer in the fastest, most effective way.

Your Replacement Options

If a professional inspection tells you the bad news about replacing a sewer line, then it’s good to know all the possible options.

In the past, replacing a main sewer line meant a huge cost, destroying your property digging trenches and a long, stressful process.

Fortunately, there is currently a sewer replacement choice that does not turn into a huge eyesore on your yard. Trenchless sewer installations by professionals take out the old sewer lines and put in the new ones with minimal effect to your property. This approach is now commonly used in place of standard sewer line replacement. It fixes the problem by digging only at a few access points and expertly installing everything from there rather than excavating the whole length of a line or system.

It’s an awful feeling when there’s huge problems with your sewer system. Fortunately, the most up to date expertise means identifying and fixing problems faster than ever. If you need help with any sewer issues, contact our expert professionals for additional information.

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